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The Hottererhof Farm in Haslach, Zillertal Arena

We offer our guests 2 beautiful holiday apartments - a comfortable holiday home for the best days of the year: your holidays!

The Apartment TOP 1

The Apartment TOP 2

This is something very special for our guests at the Hottererhof

Hottererhof Unser Vieh


Hottererhof 1

Hottererhof 2

In the cowshed

You and your children are welcome to take a close look at our cowshed with farmer Georg. Our cattle and the small calves are happy about visitors!
In summer, you'll meet most of our livestock on a hike to our pasture in Gerlos.
We shouldn't forget our house cats and our rabbits which are always eager to get petted.


Our meadows are mowed multiple times during summer. The fresh grass is turned repeatedly, collected as dry hay and stored in the shed for the winter months. You are welcome to help with this harvest.


The amount of care for our livestock depends on the size of the herd. Only during summer, when most animals spend weeks on their pasture, the amount of work required is reduced.


Hay milk from the Hottererhof

You can enjoy fresh hay milk from our cattle every day at breakfast.

The production of hay milk is the most natural form of milk production and changes with the seasons. Our cattle spend the summer on local meadows and pastures, where they enjoy all the fresh grass and herbs they can eat, in addtion to fresh air and clean water. During winter, they are fed high-quality feed: sun-dried hay.

Gourmets can have a taste of home-made schnapps

made from apples and pears from our own orchard

Pear schnapps:
made from our sweeter pears 

During distillation, the roots of the masterwort growing on our pastures are added


On our farm we can offer our little guests their own playground with swings, slide, sandbox, seesaw, table tennis, basketball, and much more.

Our farm is perfect for families. Children have the run of the entire farm area and can rollick about as they like. Toys like balls, children's tractors, go-carts, balance bike, table tennis, basketball, ... for small and big children are available.
In addition, there are quiet spots for their parents to rest and relax.